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The manufacture of quality tempered safety glass is one of the priorities of Sabana Security Glass. Increasing the strength of glass 5 times, maintaining large temperature differences, safety when broken. These advantages of tempered glass are widely used in architectural glazing installations, residential and vehicle glazing.


Tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger than non-tempered glass used as the source material. Glass tempering is one of the ways to increase the strength of glass by changing its characteristics. Thermally tempered glass is considered safe, as in the case of glass fracture, its splinters are not sharp and much smaller than plain glass, limiting the risk of cuts.

Functions :

  • Protecting people from serious injury from broken glass
  • Protection against theft and vandalism
  • Protection against firearms, explosions (* in the composition of laminated glass)
  • Thermal Break Strength

The main area of application of tempered glass is interior and façade glazing with higher requirements for the physical safety of people and also in cases where greater resistance to thermal stress is necessary.

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Laminated glass is widely used in architectural, residential and transportation glazing due to its unsurpassed safety, soundproof properties.


Laminated glass – Glass consisting of two or more sheets of glass and one or more interlayers of PVB (PVB) (polyvinyl butyral) film.

PVB films are produced in colorless, opaque or painted on the RAL scale, as well as anti-noise.

The composition of laminated glass and the number of interlayers define the level of protection of laminated glass to provide security for people and property, protection against theft, armed robbery and explosions. Multilayer (triplex) laminated glass is an excellent design element for safety glazing.


  • To avoid the risk of cuts and serious injuries in the event of accidental glass breakage, the composition must comply with the Protection class for safety during operation
  • Protection of people from falling through glass in the event of its destruction – the composition must comply with the protection class for impact resistance
  • The protection of the property against intruders, entry and escape, vandalism and theft: the composition must comply with theprotection class thief
  • The protection of the property against intruders, entry and escape, vandalism and theft: the composition must comply with the protection class thief
  • Protection against armed attack: the composition must comply with the bulletproof protection class 
  • Protection against terrorist acts: the composition must comply with the kind of protection against explosions
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Tempered and laminated glass is a hybrid of two strong glass types:

  • Laminated glass, which consists of two panes of glass with a thin layer of clear vinyl in between that prevents the glass from dislodging on impact.
  • Tempered glass, which has been heat treated to make it more durable than standard glass.
  • You get the strength factor of tempered glass with the shatterproof factor of laminated glass.

Strong and Safe
There are several advantages with tempered laminated glass:
• It is stronger and more scratch resistant than standard glass.
• If it breaks, it crumbles into small shards instead of sharp pieces.
• Lamination prevents glass shards from falling or flying.
• The inner vinyl layer provides additional resistance to outside noise.

Tempered laminated glass has a wide range of uses in homes, offices and elsewhere:
• Glass deck railing
• Hurricane resistant glass
• Wind resistant glass
• Skylight
• Floor you can walk on
• White glass table tops
• Bathroom door partitions
• Countertop backsplashes

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